Vidmate Old Version 2.36 Download

Do you know about such applications through which you can download the watched videos? If you are waiting for this, then you will have to click here and download the app named Vidmate 2.36, after that your wait will be over. This is old version of Vidmate. This app is the best and it is very famous. Therefore, you can also completely rely on it. It is very easy to operate and it is also very safe. This is a streaming app that does not make videos, but instead streams videos and you can watch as many videos as you want. In this, along with watching videos, you can also download and share your friends with ease.

Now we tell you about its feature.

1. This app is less Mb because less Mb app saves the phone’s memory and it will be best for you.

2. It is absolutely safe and absolutely free.

3. You can also download the videos you watched so that later you can watch them without internet.

4. In this, you can watch unlimited videos of different categories.

5. It also has the facility of adblock because when we watch the video, if there is any kind of advertisement in it, then we start having trouble watching that video. But there will be no advertisements from the adblock facility.

6. The video downloader of this app is very fast, the video is downloaded and comes in front of you after a few moments of clicking.

How to download Vidmate Old Version 2.36 ?

You have been given a button to download the vidmate in our website, you have to click on it, after this you can install Vidmate old version 2.36. You can also download this app from the 9apps store In which, apart from Vidmate, millions of apps are present

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