Vidmate old version 3.28 download

If you have been looking for Vidmate old version 3.28 on Google Play Store, then you should know that Vidmate is not available on Play Store and you will have to go to 9apps to find the this application. This is an Android app and Google play store happens to be the official source for Android apps, but still, the Google Play Store would not have Vidmate.

Vidmate violates Google policies, and downloading videos from Vidmate is illegal, but it is straightforward to download videos from Vidmate.

Let us look at how you can download Vidmate and start downloading videos from the old version 3.28 

First, you have to check for Smartphone settings on your android phone. When you enter the settings, you have to tap on the lock screen and security tab. Now, you have to go and enable the unknown sources tab. This function gives your phone permission to start downloading apps from any source other than Google Play Store. Now, download the app from any trusted links on the internet and be sure that you are not downloading a virus file, that is all, and you have downloaded Vidmate successfully, and the Vidmate.apk file would start showing on your phone, the size of the data is 5.50 MB. The data would get saved in my files section in the SD card in the APK files.

Before you download the file, it would ask for individual permissions. These are the following permissions it would ask for –

  1. It would ensure that you have made a Vidmate account on the device
  2. It would ask for authority to delete files on the SD card or modify the data
  3. Once you allow these generic permissions and specific other permissions, you would see a Vidmate icon for the app that gets stored on your phone.
  4. Just open the app, and you have the avenue for unlimited entertainment. You would be glad to know that the Vidmate old version such as the version 3.28 is more secure than the new one.
  5. Now, you have the app which does something like download and view all YouTube videos for free. You would see these files in the audio and video format and you get two options to either save or play the file. You get access to entertainment videos in many different languages. If you are wondering if you can download more than one video at one time, then that is possible, and you can browse and download four videos at one time. this app gives you an option to pause and play the videos at any time. Vidmate is linked with many apps such as Facebook, Daily Motion, and snaptubes.
  6. Vidmate provides wholesome entertainment. You can view content such as movies, music, memes, and apps. If you wish to get to the private space section of this app, then you have that option. When you have that latest feature, you can set the password in Vidmate and import videos. It is an app for downloading music and movies, but you can also listen to music on this platform. This app works on laptop, PCs, and phones.
  7. On Vidmate, you would find more than 10 lakh followers. You should know that your app would work 100% faster than when you have version 3.28 .
  8. You can easily find the content you are looking for when you have Vidmate. This is called categories optimization.
  9. This app also has faster bug fixing, and the virus does not come on to the computer or mobile. This is a hot app in India. The second best part about Vidmate is that you would not see any advertisements on Vidmate 3.28, and also there are no in-app purchases,
  10. If you wish to download larger files on this app, then you can do so for files sizes up to more than 1 GB.
  11. You can also view live sports content when you are using Vidmate. But, this app is not just audio and video content, it is also wallpapers, and themes and you can make your laptop and phone that much better when you have Vidmate. It also has games which you can play and which take less than a minute to load.
  12. The app also has commands to install Vidmate on your personal computer through Bluestacks. The user interface is clean and easy to use. So, This app is available for any operating software, and it is compatible with all kinds of devices.
  13. This app is perfect to use for kids and adults alike, though some adult content might be present on the app so make sure that you provide this app to the kids with supervision.
  14. This app is totally in tune with the fact that it is a modern era app which makes downloading that much easier. This is not legal but it is free, and the user would not be affected by copyright issues. The only problem you might face is that of a slow connection.

If you wish for faster download, then there is the following way to do so –

  1. You need to open the app, click on ME, go to settings, go to download settings, go to fast download mode, and enjoy fast downloading.
  2. It also depends on you if you wish to enjoy low, medium or high-quality videos. If you belong to any country other than India, then you would find tutorials in any language.
  3. Vidmate works in offline and airplane mode too. So, quickly go to and start to download old version 3.28, and you would see for yourself that all features of this app are free of cost and there are no hidden charges. Vidmate does not make money with the help of ads and in-app purchases. Millions of people are using this app, and though it is not found on Google Play Store, it is reliable and safe to use.
  4. Old version 3.28 is a good variant of Vidmate and it has been rated 4.6 on 5 by users.

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