VidMate Old Version 4.6 Download

Imagine there is zero internet connectivity and remote network coverage. Users can well understand how the world may come to a screeching halt without any entertainment in their lives, especially in times like these. Boredom strikes and you wish upon the stars for something magical to happen. However, where there is a will there is a way to figure out the best of the ways so as to access entertainment.

This is made possible with Vidmate, a free video downloading android application. The simple yet multi facility platform has become the order of the day, when it comes of surfing entertainment content on smartphone devices and laptops.

About Vidmate 4.6 old version:

  • Vidmate is a superior and singular platform for downloading free trending videos and music, absolutely free of cost. Being an android application, it is exclusively compatible with all android devices and PC.
  • Millions of download of this single application stands testimony to Vidmate being the most trustworthy and reliable source of free download world over.
  • The 4.6 old version is one of the many brainchilds of this amazing video downloader, endowed with enhanced productivity and serving multiple purposes.
  • The old version has been out on the website for a long time now and well known for downloading heavy files at a rapid speed.

Features of Vidmate 4.6:

No matter how many advanced versions have come over time, Vidmate 4.6 old version still remains a classic in terms of excellent downloading features. Here are some of the many, worth mentioning:

  • To begin with, the old version is an amazing downloader for accessing favourite music and videos in HD quality and that too free of cost
  • The download manager of the old version entails some sophisticated provisions. Users can easily customise certain downloading actions such as starting, resuming, pausing, or even stopping.
  • Downloadable content can be accessed from a diverse range of video hosting sources such as Facebook, Instagram, dailymotion, Snaptube, to mention a few
  • Vidmate’s old version stands as an anchor extending assistance to even the various supporting versions in downloading heavy files.
  • The overall version of this application is amenable to user requirements. Meaning by, files can be downloaded without any technical restrictions.
  • With Vidmate’s older version 4.6, users can get a clear picture about downloading action with the help of a task bar. This makes viewing content transparent. They can also attain knowledge about technical details like time taken to download, data consumed in the process and so forth.
  • The download which takes place is definitely customizable, befitting differing needs and requirements of multimedia content. Users can adjust the certain actions and download content as per the resolution, size and quality, suitable for the device.
  • The older version of 4.6 along with many others offers users the comfort and convenience of watching favourite TV channels online with a variety of as many as 200 channels.
  • Vidmate 4.6 is extremely safe to use. Users can keep tab of content and secure it with passcodes.

Downloading Vidmate 4.6 Old Version:

  • Many new versions have come and advanced over the older ones. However, given the vast usage and preferences, the official site and play store still provide access to the older versions.
  • Users can look up Vidmate’s official webste where link to 4.6 old version is provided. Before accessing that, users need to make sure that appropriate settings are made on the device, permitting access to downloading content from unknown sources. Without this, users cannot proceed further.
  • Once the settings are changed as required, users can click the link which re directs them to another page. The file is downloaded as an independent APK file, which later allows downloading music and videos and viewing them without internet connectivity.
  • The download procedure is quite simple with no strings attached. Users can simply download the apk file and start surfing the entertainment content of their choice.
  • Vidmate’s competitive advantage lies in its simplicity and increased user engagement. Downloading requires no form of registration, signing up, or subscribing and making payments.

All the versions, including the 4.6 old version, offer quality and consistency in the user viewing experience.

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