Vidmate Old Version (2.5, 2.28, 3.03, 3.28, 2015 & 2016)

Looking for an older version of the Vidmate video downloading mobile app?

Currently, the following old versions are available for your favourite video downloading mobile app: 2.5, 2.28, 3.03, 3.28, 2015 & 2016.

Although people prefer to use the latest version of the mobile app they are using, there are many reasons you may want to look for an older version. Maybe your Android does not support the current version of Vidmate. Maybe you have found an old phone that does not have the latest features, but you would like to download movies and music videos on that mobile phone.

Why people look for an older version of Vidmate?

As mentioned above, may be the mobile phone that you have does not support the latest Vidmate features. Many people in this world are using Android mobile phones that are 3-4 years old, and even older. No problem with that. Not having the latest Android mobile phone doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy unlimited movies and music videos.

There is another interesting reason why some people are looking for the older versions of Vidmate: they want to watch their movies and music videos on an Apple computer or an iPhone or an iPad. Since Vidmate for iOS is not yet available, the only option they have got is installing the video downloading mobile app on another device and after downloading the videos, transferring the video files to the Apple Computer or the iOS device. This is a good way around. If you need an Android mobile phone just for this purpose, there is no need to purchase the latest version. As long as Vidmate downloads your videos, you’re good to go.

Older mobile phones come very cheap. You can either borrow it from your friend or simply purchase it on eBay or Amazon at a very low price. Then, you can install an older version of Vidmate on this mobile phone and once you have downloaded the videos you can transfer the video files on your Apple Computer or your iOS device.

Why it makes sense to download videos with Vidmate before watching them?

When you download the videos and save them locally on your device for your computer, you no longer depend on the website that hosts these videos.

On most of the video hosting websites these days you can find HD videos. But when you stream these videos, it is not necessary that the servers will stream the actual quality of the video. They will randomly give the quality of the video based on some algorithm. Hence, you never see the true quality of the video even when watching HD video. But when you download and save the videos locally and play them from your device, you enjoy their true quality.

When you are downloading multiple videos, it may take some time. It is better to set your Vidmate to download the videos and then get on with other activities. The videos are downloaded in the background. You can go on using your mobile phone or you can leave it on the table and the videos will be downloaded automatically.

You can also schedule the videos to be downloaded on a particular time. Suppose, at 1:30 PM you will be at a place where Internet connectivity will be good. You don’t want to forget downloading the videos then. So, you can schedule the download and the downloading of the movies and music videos will start automatically at 1:30 PM.

Internet connectivity is not uniform. You don’t get the same level of download speed everywhere. Also, Wi-Fi connection isn’t available everywhere. There are places where you may have to use your mobile data which can be very costly especially when it comes to downloading heavy movie files. Whether you use the latest version of Vidmate or an older version, you need a good Internet connection to download the videos.

Hence, it is better to download your videos using Vidmate in advance when the Internet connectivity is good, and you don’t have to depend on your mobile data to get onto the Internet.

Downloading videos with Vidmate is easier and faster

Normally when you want to find your favourite movie or music video, you need to spend lots of time trying to find the video. You may have to visit multiple video streaming websites or video hosting websites to find your video. You may also find the video on one of the social media websites, but it depends on chance. What we mean to say is, it can take anywhere between a few hours to a few days to find exactly the video you are looking for. More often, you have to give up and compromise.

Vidmate gives you the full power. All you have to do is, enter the title of the video into the search bar and let Vidmate find the video for you. It will crawl through hundreds of video hosting websites. It will also check social media websites and social networking websites. Then it will present to you the best options. You can choose the quality of the video. You can choose the format of the video. You can schedule the timing. You can choose the length. Every choice that you want to make, you can make, before downloading the video. To top it all, everything happens in a few minutes. You no longer need to spend hours trying to find your video.

By default the downloaded videos are saved on your SD card. If you don’t have the SD card, the videos are saved on the internal memory of your mobile phone. If there isn’t much memory on your mobile phone, you don’t necessarily have to download the videos. Vidmate allows you to stream the videos in real time. Hence, you can use the mobile app to find your videos and then stream them live, though, it is best to download the videos because this is what the app has been designed for.

Since the videos are downloaded as independent video files you can manage these files just as any other files on your mobile phone or on your computer. For example, you can transfer these files on your PC so that you can enjoy your videos on a bigger screen. You can also use your favourite mobile app to play the videos or cast them on your TV.

As mentioned above, the older versions of Vidmate that you can download are 2.5, 2.28, 3.03, 3.28, 2015 & 2016.

Whether you are using the latest version or the older version of Vidmate, are there any features that you want to recommend? What is your overall experience of using Vidmate, any version? Do let us know.

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