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Given the fast paced lifestyle and emerging innovations in technology, the human mind has become ever so unsettled. In the process, demand for easy to use and hassle free products and services is also on the rise. No modern being wishes to go through the arduous efforts of purchasing, subscribing and signing up. It is especially so in the area of recreational internet services like movies and music. Let’s say that it is now possible to break free from the shackles of paid subscriptions and complex content downloads with Vidmate app.

The versatile free video downloader permits easy access to download music and videos directly from the internet on to your device. Vidmate is upbeat among the young generation, who are always on the move and seeking out easy entertainment. It surely can be regarded as a powerful software manager, given the fact that it can efficiently detect videos and music that is available on the Internet.

About Vidmate Software:

Vidmate software, developed by UCWeb is an application which is entirely free of cost. It is an Android based software. Meaning by, no more hassles of downloading separate application from Google Play Store. All movies, videos and music can be accessed from any source, without having to pay for them.

The Vidmate software works on the premise of downloading independently sourced Android Package. While there are multiple applications outside the ambit of Google Playstore, one has to tide along with a set of agreements and market policies which usually do not lie in the best interest of the consumers.

In this regard, it is convenient to use independent APK files like that of Vidmate. The core format of an APK file is made use of by the Android software which further installs and distributes applications.

One major advantage offered by installing independent APK file is that the user can keep abreast of updated access. Simply put, the source of downloads is a win win for both the developers and users.

How Vidmate works?

For users who have just made their first steps into the downloading and internet world, the Vidmate Android software lets you download from unknown albeit often unaccessed sources. Commonly speaking, Android mobile phones come with a standard feature of of denying access from unknown sources.

In order to install the Vidmate APK application, all you have to do is allow the smartphone to ‘trust’ the application. Navigate to security and choose the option to access unknown sources. The operative settings are permanently feeded to the device from there on.

Is Vidmate safe to use?

All that talking about free and easy does become an issue of concern among many of us. The word unknown is somehow synonymously related to scepticism in the high tech world. It is a fact universally acknowledged that users, across different domains, wish to optimize experience without foregoing quality and price.

Fortunately, with Vidmate, the long standing trade off between price and quality comes to a halt. It is a myth to assume that anything unknown out on the internet pertains to unsafe. The staggering 600 million plus downloads is a proof of this concept.

Essentially, even if Vidmate lets you access unknown sources, the android application still scans for malware, viruses if any. Vidmate is quite literally a blessing in disguise. Even users have taken to social media platforms to express the very fact that favourite content can be accessed safely with Vidmate’s official website and application.

Moreover, any content downloaded can be efficiently secured with passcodes and other profiling techniques.

Vidmate and its features:

Interestingly, it is the features of Vidmate per se which make the free downloader stand out from the rest of its competitors. For starters, it is the single most platform to access entertainment at your finger tips. Put it this way: Vidmate is a one size fitting all consumer entertainment requirements.

Down rolls the scroll of some of the most exquisite features:

  1. It is a free to download application.
  2. All videos, music and movies can be downloaded in any format or quality.
  3. With Vidmate’s easy and free download feature, content can be accessed at any time of the day, with or without internet.
  4. Vidmate essentially operates on low speed. While a huge amount of effort and data is divested to running applications like Youtube, Snaptube, Dailymotion etc, Vidmate can download all content from these applications without taking a toll on internet speed.
  5. The video downloader app does not take up much storage. The minimum amount of storage is just 10 MB for android devices.
  6. While some videos cannot be downloaded directly from the internet such as those on YouTube, Vidmate comes to the rescue of acting as a channel between content and the user.
  7. Vidmate surpasses the challenges posed by heavy regulation in a culture of online streaming. With tough TRAI regulations, and accessing free content becoming a humungous task, Vidmate is one disruptive platform.
  8. The application permits easy search. Users have appreciated its ability to organize finely categorized folders, where they can look up videos easily from multiple sources like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and that too in a wide variety of formats such as mp3, mp4. All a user needs to do is copy the link and the Vidmate icon will pop up automatically.
  9. All content can be downloaded in HD quality and Vidmate provides a variety of latest movies, music and other trending videos.
  10. It is a fine fulcrum of quality without paying a penny.

Vidmate has become quite a phenomenon in the online entertainment world. With disruptive features breaking barriers to easy access, one can be assured of a sorted session of endless binge watching and quality experience. It has garnered appreciation for friendly downloadable features and diversity of content available. The free download application moves past the mythical notions of the doubts and apprehensions regarding accessing unknown sources and provides to you the best from the internet world. As for users seeking a pleasurable and uninterrupted entertainment session, Vidmate is the best bet.

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