Vidmate version 3.34

It goes without saying that entertainment is our constant companion. Commuters crave entertainment to kill boredom while travelling; break time is always relished with a cup of tea and good music. Basically, there is no doing away with music and videos. However, the true test of time comes during accessing entertainment videos in places with remote internet connectivity. Vidmate, a free downloading video application steps in the scene to fill the void.

About Vidmate 3.34:

The Vidmate application is a one-stop solution to fulfilling all downloading needs. The singularly developed platform has capability of accessing a diverse range of multimedia content across several video hosting sources such as Dailymotion, YouTube etc.

Vidmate’s version 3.34 comes as a free to download android application. This version comes with the ability to download videos and music by capturing the video stream from several websites and saving them as a file on the device.

Vidmate 3.34 offers content from as many as 20 video sharing websites, saving the user the hassle of visiting individual browsers and applications for downloading music and videos. It supports such websites as Facebook, Indtagram, Vimeo, among others.


The standalone application has a range of user friendly and handy features for a smoother downloading experience. Here are some of the many:

  1. It is free to download android application
  2. The application comes with a user friendly search engine to look through the diverse content with ease.
  3.  Vidmate is compatible with over 20 video sharing sites
  4. Users have the option to add videos from other sources apart from the default list
  5. The application has the ability to recognise versions and resolutions of the videos to be downloaded, automatically downloading the one suitable to the device
  6. Vidmate comes with an enhanced yet simple user interface

Downloading Vidmate 3.34:

It is important to note that Vidmate comes as an android application, thus suited to only android devices and PC. Users can visit the official Vidmate website and look through the required version. The link is available to start the download process. The link redirects users to a download page from where the APK (android package) file becomes available.

An essential pre requisite to downloading the application is to allow devices to have access to unknown sources since Vidmate falls outside the ambit of Google Play Store. From there on, the app can be simply downloaded without paying anything.

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