Vidmate version 4.0 download

Tired of working at the office? Need a quick recovery break? Then no need to go anywhere, as UCWeb has launched a one-stop platform app for unlimited entertainment Vidmate. It is one of the leading apps in the market for downloading fresh content of music & videos. Apart from that, it offers unlimited options for quality select of the downloaded content.

This app is highly user-friendly & consumes very little storage on devices. The possibility of a virus attack on the device through this app is next to impossible because of the grade of security encryption used with the app. Data of the users is well protected & saved by Vidmate.

  • What about Vidmate V4.0?

Vidmate V4.0 is among the most widely used version of Vidmate which allows users to download not only music & videos but also trending multimedia content from other applications like Facebook, Dailymotion etc.

The justification of V4.0 version being used widely is that it is compatible with PC/Laptop too apart from Android and one can enjoy their favorite content on big screens too without creating any extra space. Since there is no limit of surfing & downloading on Vidmate, it is the most trusted app in the market.

  • Features of Vidmate V4.0
  1. One can download and acquire unlimited content & videos through this app.
  2. More than 150 online sites are in collaboration with Vidmate for downloading content from their platform.
  3. It is compatible with Windows too.
  4. The Download Manager of Vidmate allows a smooth run of video on the app through pause & replay options.
  5. Any format with the required resolution can be undertaken for viewing & downloading videos.
  • Download Vidmate V4.0

In order to enjoy unlimited content from Vidmate V4.0 app version download it on your phones by visiting the Vidmate website on the browser. Just make sure to give permissions for the download facility from unknown sources in the phone through the settings app.

Since V4.0 is compatible with desktop too so for PC/Laptop version, one needs to download BlueStack software that converts Windows to Android during the run of Vidmate application. Accordingly, users can select between the resolution choice of their own.

One can’t imagine a video downloading the app to offer so much but, it’s a reality that Vidmate V4.0 version is serving with too many options to select between for downloading unlimited content from the web. So, don’t wait more & download Vidmate V4.0.

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