Vidmate Version 9.0.65

This app is used to get the videos and audios from different web sites. In other words, it is a mobile app that installs the videos   from different video sites in the actual video format. This means, the mobile user can view them in an offline mode and there is no internet required. Otherwise, we normally get the link from YouTube or any other video site like the Video Motion, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram video, Veoh and many similar sites. To view these links, internet is required and that too high speed internet if quality video is to be watched. If there are breakages in the internet, then it literally becomes impossible to watch a video at a stretch. Again, it would do well to remember that many of the plans given by mobile operators will consume a lot of bandwidth even for a 5 minute video display and unnecessarily eat up  bulk of the data charges ( unless of course, it is a high cost unlimited package).

The Vidmate app is the best solution for all these limitations. By having the videos on the mobile storage, it totally eliminates the need for internet and saves the data package charges of the user. At the same time, there is no need to depend in internet to view these videos, especially when on the move or travelling. Through the Vidmate, any videos of any sites can be downloaded to watch at a later date.

Just to take an example. Suppose you wanted to watch a major political debate on a topic of importance, at one of the news channels at 9 pm. Due to a very tight schedule at office and then a social obligation visit to a friend’s house, you reach home just around 9.25 PM.  It is but natural that you will not be in a mood to watch the program. Just have bath and go to bed. But still you want to watch it later. So, best way is to search for the programme next day morning in the web site of that particular news channel or You Tube. Just paste that particular link on the Vidmate app bar and press download. If the program happens to be of 45 minutes, then on a good Wi-Fi speed not more than 20 minutes will be taken for the download to the mobile phone. Next day when returning from office, you can watch it on the way home while in the metro strain or the bus. Just plug in the ear phones for total and absolute clarity.

The entire process of putting this news link program on download can be done in the morning time, when getting ready for the office. Not more than 2 or 3 minutes. That’s the great benefit of Vidmate.

Now it certainly makes sense to have this app on your mobile phone.

Features of Vidmate Version 9.0.61 –

  1. The app is total free and there is no cost associated with it in any manner.
  2. This works only on Android platform
  3. It can download audios also apart from videos
  4. It is possible to stream videos with this app.
  5. There is a search box tool in the app and this helps in finding the desired video and audio files in a jiffy.

How to download –

Click on the given link below and follow the instructed steps. It is all simple and self-explanatory and happens in a few minutes.

Download Vidmate

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