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Are you serious about downloading videos on your Android phone or PC or laptop? Then you should definitely be using the Vidmate video downloader mobile app. This tiny mobile app, just 2MB, is a video downloading powerhouse that allows you to download high quality videos from multiple sources at the same time. Once you start using it, you will wonder how you have managed without it.

Do you totally depend on YouTube for saving videos off-line? There are two problems in this: although you can save videos off-line with YouTube (not all), you can watch these videos only through the YouTube app. Another problem is, the video that you want to watch may not exist on YouTube. There is a long list of video hosting websites you may not even be aware of. Both these problems can be tackled with the Vidmate video downloader. How?

The Vidmate video downloader allows you to download your videos as separate files. For example, if you want to download a video from YouTube, you can download it as an MPEG file, or an FLV file, or an AVI file or a number of other video file formats that Vidmate allows you to download the files in. This will allow you to play your downloaded videos on any video player you prefer.

The Vidmate video downloader has an inbuilt search function that allows you to search for your video without bothering from which video hosting website you get the video. On its own Vidmate searches through all possible video hosting websites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Facebook, Instagram, etc., and find the best possible versions for you to download.

The Vidmate video downloader allows you to download and then watch your videos anytime, anywhere

Internet connection isn’t the same every time and everywhere. Sometimes you have a good Internet connection and sometimes you have a bad Internet connection and even no Internet connection. So, when you have good Internet connection, you can download all the videos you want to download and save them on your device. Later on, you can watch videos without an Internet connection. This is one of the biggest benefits of using the Vidmate video downloader mobile app.

It also helps you save on your mobile data as you can download all your videos when a Wi-Fi connection is available to you.

How to download and watch videos in the Vidmate video downloader?

Usually, when you save videos off-line from a video streaming website like YouTube, you need YouTube to run your videos. This is true for every video hosting website that allows you to save videos off-line.

This is not the case with Vidmate. All your videos are downloaded and then are available at a single location. You can either use the Vidmate video downloader to view your videos or you can use a standard video player that you have installed on your device. Listed below are a few steps that explain to you how to install the app, download the videos and then watch them.

  • Change the settings in your mobile phone. You will have to turn the feature that allows you to install Android apps from “Unknown sources” on, because Vidmate is an independent APK file.
  • Download Vidmate.APK and save it somewhere on your mobile phone.
  • Navigate to the folder where you have saved the Vidmate installation file. Tap on it and the app is installed.
  • On the home screen there is a search bar. Search for your favourite video. Vidmate lists all possible videos that are available according to your search criterion.
  • Vidmate allows you to select the format of the video file. It will also allow you to select the quality of the video. You can even download just the sound file if you don’t want the actual video but just the music.

Search the Download the File

  • In the “Downloading” tab you can view all the videos that are currently downloading.

Select the Resolution of the File

Show the Downloaded the File on Vidmate

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