While the world is currently dominated by technological processes and functions, it is imperative to ensure that every person has the right to access quality content. Most of it however is easier said than done. Quality comes with a price to pay and sound internet connection. With Vidmed, all terms and conditions can be easily dropped with its free video downloading application.


Vidmed is a standalone application for downloading free multimedia content without having to subscribe or pay in the least. A single platform performs the multiple functions of searching, downloading and accessing free and quality content irrespective of an internet connection.

The download process is easily compatible with an array of hosting and downloading websites. All users need to do is download the application. What follows is an exciting experience of unlimited entertainment, without draining device usage and forgoing theatrical visuals.


Vidmed, as an application, has been able to tap into the subtle nuances of user experience, which is quite reflected in some of its outstanding features:

  1. Every version of Vidmed is free to download android application
  2. The application facilitates easy access from video hosting as well as podcast streaming services like Soundcloud, YouTube, Dailymotion, to mention a few
  3. While the videos downloaded are absolutely free of cost, users can be assured of an engaging experience with quality HD videos
  4. Vidmed automatically detects what resolution and size of videos are best suited to a particular device
  5. The highly defined search engine provided by the application separates content based on date, genre etc. In this way, users can easily get videos they are looking for
  6. With version 9.0.56, it is possible to stream as many as 200 Live TV channels, thus offering an unparalleled experience
  7. Vidmed also allows users the option to bookmark videos or music to watch later
  8. The application, in its entirety, is safe and secure to use

Downloading process:

The best part about having applications like Vidmed is that the downloading procedure is no rocket science. Users can simply visit the Vidmate website and start the download with the link provided, depending on the version required and compatible. However, before downloading, users need to make sure that the device settings allow access to unknown sources for the Vidmed application is not directly available through the Google Play store.

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