Vidmet | Best videos clippings App for Android

Vidmet is an app that is highly recommended to download the favourite videos clippings of any type. The current version running in 2019 and 2020 have many enhanced features and power performance. This downloader is free software and one can get their favourite songs, movies, cookery shows, animated cartoons and basically any video file having with the wanted information. This comes absolutely free of cost. The best way to express is through the help of these videos.

The Vidmet app is a complete downloader app and the tool and has many features that support installation of different videos from the different sites. However please note that it does not support video downloads from YouTube. But at the same time, from a host of other sites, it can be done.

Now, follow some of the creations of music, arts, songs and other charming makes from all over the world, through this app. This is not just a video downloader but also a video editor that can works on many and interesting platforms. From the latest to the most informative and entertaining videos can be stored on the phone device, thanks to the Vidmet.

It is not just videos but also games and other apps can be used on the Android devices in compatibility to the Vidmet. Using the Vidmate app of video downloads also one can synchronize both these apps with the same functionality in the smart phone device. The Vidmet is loaded with many features perfectly suited for Video Rental Stores. There is a data backup feature, a barcode support, database that can be searched for the desired type of information. It can be network integrated as well into the corporate scenario.

Features –

  • Long videos that have a big file size can be split into shorter versions and it can be sent via social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp etc.
  • The compression and trimming of every video is possible with this app
  • The video files can be converted into audio files as well.
  • It can be converted into different versions like avi, mov, gif …
  • Resizing of the videos can be done to any extent and there are no cost or subscription charges.
  • The Vidmet app has the search option and this enables getting the precise and right  type of file.
  • Integration with other downloader apps like the Vidmate

Conclusion –

A very fine app and suited to modern day Android requirements.

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