Vidmite lite is a best solution to download the Videos

Sometimes, the bigger apps that take a lot of space are not fit for the small memory phones. There must be apps that are suitable for those phones. Keeping this thing in mind we introduced the Vidmite Lite. It is the app specially built for low-end phones as they need the apps that use less memory. The lite version is the same as the original version, both do the same work (except for some exclusive features), the app has been built by keeping the problems with the low-end devices.

The Vidmite lite is a one-stop solution to download the songs and videos to your device. You can get any video anytime if your network connection is good. Irrespective of your device compatibility hardware the Vidmite Lite is compatible with most of the phones and is used by many of the customers. The user experience is satisfying and the easy to navigate through the videos and audio files is another feature that makes this app a great app in the app stores.

Considering these features the other features are:

  1. The video quality: You only have to compromise with the app size as you can download the video in any quality you desire and this makes on the great feature of this app as this feature is missed by most of the lite apps.
  2. The UI/UX: The interface is super smooth and you enjoy the same amount of ease as you have seen in the bigger version of the app. Keeping the regular usage of the app in mind, we have made it compatible for every age group as this is the app used by kids too.
  3.  The varied video quality: You can download the videos according to your data plan as we have provided you with every video quality possible. So that you don’t have to compromise with data and video quality. This is one of the exclusive feature provided by the app.
  4. Last but not the least: Since the app is really small you don’t need to adjust your phone’s space according got the app and this gives to a good feel of your phone experience too. All these features in just a small make the app a standalone outshining app in the respective stores.

What to expect?

You can easily download the application as this app is really small. When you need to download the video just copy its video link from the respective website and paste it in the URL box. You would get the links to download the respective video which is an easy and fast process. If you want to download the audio file the link to the audio file would also be there, so that you can enjoy the MP3 version anywhere. These are the basic function that app can do.

How to get the Vidmate App?

You can easily get the Vidmate app from the website. You can also download the app from respective app stores on your devices. Also, so rate us at the app stores.

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