Vidmote – Best Video Downloading App

With so much information available free of cost across the internet, it is deflating to see that entertainment content comes with a price. Add to it the lengths of going to different websites and downloading multiple applications just to download one video. It is about time to clutter the internet multimedia space with the power of a single application. Introducing Vidmote, a free downloading video application. With the convenience of one application, all your entertainment needs are duly covered.


The Vidmote is free to download android application. Vidmote allows accessing videos from a host of websites such as Dailymotion, YouTube etc. The application allows users to download videos and music and view them at a later point in time, away from internet connectivity.

Thus, the two core features of Vidmote, namely free video downloading and viewing without internet connection make the former stand out from its competition. The downloader has become one of the popular ways of storing entertainment for accessing at all times.


  1. This version of Vidmote comes with a wide range of finely devised features for an even more user engaging experience. Following are worth mentioning:
  2. For starters, it is free to download android application
  3. Not only does Vidmote allow you to download free videos from video hosting sources, but the version also comes with an added feature of downloading music from podcast streaming platforms like SoundCloud
  4. This version makes it possible to secure content downloaded through passcodes
  5. Being totally free of cost relieves users of the efforts of signing up for subscription based models
  6. Vidmote also comes with an enhanced feature of streaming videos on smart TVs. Users can also watch live TV channels on the Vidmote app
  7. Encompassing a wide variety of websites, Vidmote offers a compact downloading experience without having to visit other sources
  8. The new version comes with advanced search bars for accessing media of one’s choice

Downloading Process:

Downloading Vidmote is quite simple. Unlike generic applications listed on Google Playstore, Vidmote requires users to allow devices to access unknown sources. Users can then visit Vidmate website and download through the link provided.

The link so clicked redirects users to another page from where an independent APK file is downloaded, thus successfully installing Vidmote.

Downloading is simple, secure, and transparent and requires no complex steps of signing up or parting away with the money.

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