Vimate – Best Audio, Video and Mp3 Downloader App

Vimate is a mobile app through which video and audio files can be downloaded to the mobile phone. This helps users to watch the videos or the MP3 on their smart phone without any internet connection. For this, the files need to be saved first. Many users actually face the problem of uninterrupted internet especially while commuting or travelling. The office and home or some friends or relatives homes are some of the places that give constant high speed Wi-Fi internet. Here again, mind you, not all but some. But, then, these are not the points to carry on unlimited mobile downloading. The house of course is, but then except children most of the working and even elderly age groups are not in house all the time. The limited time that working people get in the home is spent with their family.

So, the solution to all this time and location constraints, is the the simple yet powerful video download app known as Vimate.

Friendship, romance, anger, happiness, sadness, joy, achievement, leg pulling, sarcasm and joke and just about every emotion can be expressed through video clippings. The Vimate is the app which makes possible this expression reaching across users

It can download almost all videos by different sites and streaming services and that too absolutely free of cost. There are no basic subscription or freemium services (paying for higher features of the app). It is totally free and use as much as required even 24 hours.

There is no restriction on downloading the size of the files. Movie files, size of almost 500 MB can be downloaded on the Android smart phone provided the phone has storage capacity or there is an SD card.

It is very much possible to share the videos with other users and the app allows one to do that.

The app has a friendly and easy to use interface and the entire process of download is rather simplistic. It is not time consuming also.

The videos can be downloaded according to the different resolution options and this is displayed at that time. The user cans select accordingly.

The app also has a function of streaming TV channels and its various shows.

Download step

  • To download Vimate app in the smart phone device, click the link given below –

Download Vidmate

  • This will take the user to a download page where you would get an APK file to download.
  • Once the APK file is downloaded, the Vimate app gets installed on the smart phone device.

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