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Today, we will discuss some of the best movies from the Vintage collection of the king of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan. In 1992, Deewana, he made his debut and started his acting career in Bollywood. Here are top 5 vintage movies of Shah Rukh Khan which worked as the steps for him in order to get the title of the King of Bollywood.

1. Baazigar, 1993

The crime and thriller Baazigar is inspired by the Hollywood film A Kiss Before Dying. Baazigar is Shah Rukh Khan’s second film as an anti-hero. In Baazigar, Vishwanath Sharma is the owner of a very large and well-established company, as well as a respected businessman. One day, Vishwanath takes a business trip and entrusts his friend Madan with the company. However, Madan will take this opportunity and take over the whole company. Madan, who will expel Vishwanath and his family from his home, will leave this family in very difficult conditions.

2. Darr, 1993

Rahul Mehra and Sunil Malhotra are two young lovers of a girl named Awasthi. Both are making various plans to achieve her. Let’s see which one of these two teenagers Awasthi will choose.

3. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, 1995

Raj is a rich, irresponsible and carefree Indian who lives in England. Simran, on the other hand, is the daughter of a family who, despite living in England, is strictly committed to Indian traditions. The two meet during a one-month trip to Europe, and friendships that start with strife and jokes turn into love at the end of the trip. But it was too late when they realized they were in love. Simran has already set out to marry the son of his father’s friend in India.

4. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, 1998

3 friends at a private college, Rahul, Anjali and Tina… Anjali and Rahul are very close friends. One day, Tina enters these two lives. Rahul falls in love with Tina. Anjali leaves when she realizes the situation. After college, Rahul and Tina marry, Tina dies during childbirth, but her child survives.

5. Dil, 1998

Amar is a successful radio programmer. While traveling around different regions for a news story, he meets a beautiful woman and gets very impressed by her. Although he’s attracted to her, she doesn’t respond. After a while, Amar meets the young woman again and decides to open up her feelings, but he cannot obtain any information other than her name being Meghna. Meghna says that she is married to push Amar away, but Amar finds out that this is a lie. Another thing he will learn is that Meghna has a secret identity. Amar is unaware of the catastrophe that will come when he is happy to see Meghna reappear and tell her that he loves him while he gives up hope and marries another woman.

So, this is the list of the top 5 movies from the Vintage collection of Shah Rukh Khan which still can be watched and downloaded though the Vidmate App. This is the best app for streaming online videos and downloading them to your devices

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