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YouTube is an online platform to share virtually almost every type of video. Basically, there are a number of channels and different videos which will intrigue different type of viewers. Research has shown that videos tend to be more attractive than any other type of media. Millions of viewers make use of YouTube to stream and watch videos online. Videos can make people suddenly get attracted to your brand. The use of videos will not only provide you with viewers, but you will also get fans instantly. Little by little, YouTube has managed to use the videos uploaded by its users to create a community for its users. Every month, millions of people visit WhatsApp and view its videos. It’s a large platform and any type of video can be found here. There are videos on fashion, technology, sports, gaming and so on.

However, there is a slight drawback with YouTube. It doesn’t support the local download of the videos on the platform. A lot of users require the download of these videos for later use. Also, these users may desire to view the video at periods when the video may be unavailable. For instance, if you’re planning to go hiking and need to show a video from YouTube to your partner. Without a reliable internet connection, this may be impossible.

Although, YouTube has provided a feature that allows offline download it is limited to the app. The video cannot be accessed outside the app and will be deleted on the decision of the uploader. All of the videos saved on this platform have to be refreshed by data connection every 30 days. This can’t be compared to having the continuously accessible on your device. This means that it can’t be used to archive videos and for sharing.

Also, YouTube is quite difficult to use when there is no reliable network connection. Unreliable network convection will make it difficult to stream videos and the only way to access will be to download them. It would be important to make use of an app which can easily locate the video and download it. If you will be needing the video permanently on your phone, the offline download provided by YouTube is unreliable. There are also a number of restrictions on YouTube that prevent the download of certain videos. Users who are tired of the frustration of YouTube and are looking to download the video, Vitemate is the right choice for you.

Vitemate is a free app which serves as the best video downloading app around the world. Using it, you can easily download the videos and view them offline at any time of your choice. Even if you can’t download the video from YouTube, you can surely get it on this app. And it makes sure that after this users have been downloaded, they can be accessed anywhere, any place and at any time.

What is Vitemate?

 Vitemate has become quite popular around the world. But what really is this app used for? This tool is a video downloading app which can be used to download videos from different platforms including YouTube, Instagram and so on. It saves these videos and makes them available for watching permanently on the mobile phone. Yes, videos can be watched on it without an internet connection.

Vitemate is a powerful app which can be used to access thousands of videos from different sources online. It can be used to search for virtually any type of videos. Its features seem so impressive and its absence from Play Store is its only noticeable drawback. Well, it’s due to a policy violation and Google isn’t taking any chances.

How to use Vitemate to download videos from Vitemate?

 It’s been established that you can download your favorite videos from YouTube. It’s quite easy and can be done in a few steps. Users can search for almost all types of YouTube videos on it. To download your videos, take note of the following steps.

  1. Vitemate is not available on Play Store but can be found on other sources and links all over the internet. The first step is to download Vitemate APK. It will be saved in the downloads directory on your phone.
  2. Before installation, you need to enable “installation from unknown sources” to make sure your phone does not reject the APK file. Navigate to the mobile settings of your mobile phone. Locate and enable “install from unknown sources” based on your phone type.
  3. Use your file manager to locate APK file and install it.
  4. When installed, launch the app on your mobile phone. The first screen you come across will be the home screen. Here, you will see all trending videos, “most search for” and popular videos. A lot of times you will find the videos you’re looking for here.
  5. If you can’t find the video here, simply locate the search bar and click on it. Fill in the words related to the video or title of the video you want to download.
  6. A list will be displayed below the search bar. On this list, select YouTube.
  7. Search for the video of your choice and tap on the video of your choice. Tap on download to save it to your phone.
  8. Finalize any details such as the quality of the video to be downloaded and confirm your download.
  9. When this is done, the video will begin to download. As soon as the video is downloaded, you can get access to it anytime on your phone. These downloaded videos will be saved to a Vitemate dedicated folder in the file manager. The videos can be watched without an internet connection and can easily be shared.

Now, you’ve learned how to save videos from YouTube. You can go ahead to download all of your favorite videos and keep them for later use. Soon, you will never have to worry about watching videos offline or searching for videos.

Take note that Vitemate can also be used to download videos from a number of websites.

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