Vitmate – Best App for YouTube Video Downloader

Vitmate is a mobile app specifically created for Android phones. It is video downloader app that gives good level of utility by helping users to download videos from the different internet sites to the mobile device. This happens smoothly and with relative ease and enables the user in storing the videos to the device. There is of course high speed unlimited internet at the office and almost majority of the households but then in certain scenarios there are limitations. This is especially so when travelling or in areas having limited internet connectivity (although such areas are rare in the world).

The vitmate downloads the videos available in different sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Hot Star, Daily Motion etc. The most popular site needless to say is the YouTube and maximum numbers of videos are here. This is followed by the other mentioned sites and there are many more as well. So there are sites likes movies 123 that shows some of the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies.  It seems a little difficult to believe but the fact is that lot of people are not aware of downloading videos from even a site like YouTube which they visit day in and day out. When travelling, they will wait for the moment when there is some in between internet and then click on the YouTube link. This is simply trying one’s luck and sort of meaning less effort.

Well, let us not get too much depressed and find the right solution and this is right at hand namely vitmate app. Life is now very much simple and easy and download all your songs, movies, cookery classes, natural beauty sites, academic tutorials and basically everything through vitmate. This is happening in a jiffy and no time or effort is involved. So, in the course of a five-minute tea break at the office, you can down the desired video and when travelling to home, watch it in leisure. The one thing that has be taken care is that phone needs to be Android since at least at this point of time, vitmate is an Android specific app. The Android version of 2.1 and above is fine.

Features of vitmate –

  1. The most important feature of vitmate is that it enables video download from different sites. This differentiates it from many other apps that are specific to one or two sites. Some apps just allow download from YouTube.
  2. It streams the video on the app itself and thereby it is not necessary to leave the app to stream.
  3. The app has a user friendly interface and to use it is very much easy.
  4. The Vidmate gives the user option of choosing the resolution of the video before the download.

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