What is Vidmate and how to install the app?

Watching videos is the favourite activity of many of the smartphone users in this era. Different platforms are there where one can find some of the best videos in different categories. The recent craze of video-based content has taken the entire nation by storm. With people spending hours creating videos or binge-watching hours of their favourite show, content is eating the world!

About Vidmate

One such platform that has become the popular phenomenon among the youth is the app named Vidmate. A few points about the app include:

  • The software can download content (most likely video) from almost all of the websites. Content-rich platforms that are one click away, you name them, and there is no such website the application doesn’t work with.
  • The app enables you to download videos in any format and quality.
  • With their in-built browser, you can download or save content locally on your phone or your SD memory card.
  • Currently, the app has more than 85,000 downloads on the Google play store with an astounding rating of 4.3. In this guide what the sources the Vidmate app can be installed.

Downloading the app

The app is freely available on dozens of websites from which you can install or download it.

Installing the app and allowing permissions

After downloading from the source, the Vidmate app installs and allowing the permissions the app asks for is quite easy. The app is genuine and hence can be trusted. If your smartphone is configured to download apps only from the play store, Go to Settings-> Go to application settings and change the settings to allow it to download from other sources too.

Why Vidmate?

Among the strong competition of apps trying to steal your precious attention, Vidmate stands the clear winner with its state-of-the-art technology. It’s clear and sharp design and it’s easy to use functionality helps you to create and edit videos easily. Here are some of the other points the app focuses on:

  1. Auto-detection of videos and easily available download option.
  2. Downloading several files is supported by the app.
  3. The downloaded files can be stored in a password-protected folder.
  4. Videos can be downloaded in the background too.
  5. Resume failed downloads.

There’s no doubt that video-based apps are viral in the Indian market. From the young to the old, everyone seems to be hooked to it, and the features Vidmate provide make it a clear winner in the next few years. From making the Vidmate app install easy and intuitive to storing files in a password-protected environment to downloading large files, the app’s specifications are such clear and rich that the other apps don’t have a stand-in from it.

So, next time you want to download your favourite video and not able to do it, remember Vidmate. It will make it super easy for you.  Ending it on a good note, keep loving and keep watching Vidmate – India’s best content based app.

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