What Virtues Make Vidmate Application So Popular?

The mobile video streaming market is quite competitive these days. With the entry of video streaming powerhouses like Netflix and Amazon Prime into the smartphone streaming market, the bar of quality content has certainly risen. Platforms like YouTube and Metacafe provide users with free videos, but which are generally followed by ads. These ads are the main method of monetization for these platforms. So users are often heckled in-between videos by ads. These ads are also uninteresting and often make the user close the app if the ad is long.

The new revolutionary video streaming app Vidmate offers its customer thousands of videos without charge. Unlike various other streaming apps, with Vidmate users don’t have to pay any monthly subscription fees.

Not only this, there are certainly other factors that make Vidmate one of the best video streaming apps-

  1. Free Download– Users of the Vidmate app have the option to download the videos that they like. Also, these downloaded videos can be viewed without having an active internet connection. In fact, Vidmate offers its users various file options for downloading the video. So the users can download the video in any format.
  2. High-Speed Downloads– Vidmate app has the functionality to throttle your device’s download speed. While downloading through the Vidmate app, users can use the option to increase their download bandwidth. This not only provides your download with fast speed but also saves time. This feature is exclusive to the Vidmate app and helps boost the speed of even 3G connections.
  3. Secure Connection– Vidmate provides its users with a secure connection. So while you are using the Vidmate app, you can be sure that no hacker is snooping on you, or your mobile device. Secure connections also mean that your phone stays free from all malware and spy software.
  4. Free Download, Without Any Account– Unlike many Android apps that require a Google Account to download, Vidmate is completely free. The users don’t even need social media to account if they want to download this app. The mobile app is free to download from Vidmate’s official website.
  5. Download YouTube Videos from Vidmate– Unlike its competitor, Vidmate allows its user to download any video they like, and share it with their friends through Whatsapp or Facebook. Users can also download YouTube videos from the Vidmate app. The process is easy, and the user just has to either paste the link of the video into the Vidmate app. Or the other way is to search for the video in Vidmate app, and it will automatically find the YouTube URL of the video.
  6. High-quality Content– The video library of the Vidmate app is quite large. With over thousands of videos to choose from, the user is never bored by the content that the application has to offer. Also, their library is updated daily with fresh and exciting content.

The user interface of the Vidmate app is quite simple yet elegant. Its search bar delivers the best results from almost all the video libraries around the world.

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